Most of us had a beloved stuffed toy when we were young. Our earliest memories are filled with this cuddly friend that we dragged everywhere with us. Having a stuffed toy can be a great experience for a young child and a Jellycat rabbit is one of the cuter ones you will be able to find. eBay has many different stuffed animals that are sure to bring a smile to your child's face.Whether it is a Jellycat rabbit, a donkey or another animal, having something soft that they can snuggle up to can help your child rest. Sleep time is always a challenge with children and a toy like this can act as a reward for them going to bed on time.We form special memories with our early toys. Whenever we look back on them, we always have fond recollections. A Jellycat rabbit will be a great friend that your child will want to take everywhere with them. It might even be hard to separate them. You may find that the toy ends up in almost every photo when you eventually look back through your photo albums.Not only do soft toys feel physically comfortable, but they can also be good for emotional support. Just like a security blanket, a Jellycat animal can be with them whenever they are scared. Whether its a visit to the doctor or the first day of school, the toy can help give them comfort. If your child isn't into rabbits, you could get them a stuffed dog or one of the many other adorable animals in the Jellycat range. It might even be best to let your child choose whichever toy they have the most attachment to.

3 Reasons to Choose a Jellycat Bunny for Your Child

1. A Soft Toy Can Help Them Sleep

2. It Will Be a Friend They Will Never Forget

3. A Jellycat Rabbit Can Give Them Comfort