Jet Lighter

Utilise the power and efficiency of a jet lighter

Jet lighters are incredibly handy accessories to own. From lighting cigarettes to fireworks for a celebration, or even a stubborn stove on a camping session, lighters have made a name for themselves as a useful gadget in the modern day. However, their history, intricate designs, and varied uses have also made them a worthy collectors item and for those wanting to fuel the fire of their collection, there are plenty of collectible lighters to choose from on eBay.

Multipurpose jet lighters

Zippo lighters feature an iconic design, the first of its kind manufactured in the 1930s. Yet lighters continue to impress the world with their different shapes, and styles. Some lighters come available with different imprints to reflect the most popular brands. Some are electronic and windproof so your need for a flame isnt put out by poor weather conditions.

Others are stronger still, with double jet flames that can be adjustable. Both running and refillable on butane gas, these items are reliable and widely-used. The addition of flameless lighters combines safety and flexibility, for use around younger children or in places where traditional lighters would not be permitted.

Jet lighters come in a range of different designs. Opt for a jet gun lighter, ideal for cooking or lighting cigars. This style is larger but more powerful than traditional lighters. Opt for branded Jet Pilot lighters that are windproof and come in a range of colours, from red to green.

Discover novelty jet lighters too, like a lighter designed to look like a gold iPhone 6, or go for a jet lighter disguised as a BMW key.

Add some style to your collection with a classy tobacciana item, like a pen jet lighter. These models are highly practical and can be used to light things in hard to reach areas, ideal for starting bonfires when out camping