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Want to fix a timeless piece of jewellery, but don’t have the right jewellery design and repair tools? Need to critically examine your necklace but lacking the right equipment? Then you need Jewellery Loupes Magnifiers.

Critically examining a piece of jewellery is hard. Fixing a broken piece is even harder. If one small piece is out of place or broken off, you may have done more damage than before you started trying to ‘fix’ it!

With such a slim margin for error, why take a chance? Why not save yourself the hassle, and get a Magnifying Glass? It is a simple, but versatile jewellery tool suited for any purpose. Whether you are examining a piece, or painstakingly fixing your jewellery, you can make your life so much easier by using a jewellery magnifier.

Jewellery repair loupe with a magnifying lens

Want to work hands-free? Try the repair loupe! It consists of an adjustable strap with magnifying lenses attached to the sides. Ideal, if you prefer to keep your hands free to give your undivided attention to what truly matters: The jewellery.

Handheld magnifying glass loupe

Want to feel like a detective while looking at your jewellery? Then, have a gander at the handheld magnifying glass loupe! It takes the shape of the handheld magnifying glass imprinted in our memories with additional perks like LED light to give you better visibility.

Monocular magnifying glass

Want to keep your jewellery magnifying glass small and portable? Then, a monocular magnifying glass might be for you! Choose from an assortment of monocular glasses from decorative monocular lenses to watchmaker's eye.

Helmet magnifying glass

Use the helmet magnifying glass to keep it practical and simple, when you need to perform complicated work that requires your undivided attention with both your hands completely free.

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