Make Something Beautiful With Jewellery Wire

Looking for a new hobby? Just need a few supplies? You might be surprised at the sheer range of options you have available to you. Jewellery can vary from large chunky pieces to delicate and intricate artworks, and the supplies you'll need will vary too.

Use jewellery making wire for pieces that need structure

The great thing about jewellery wire is that it can be bent into shape. This allows you to create a huge variety of fantastic designs, limited only by your imagination. While some people use jewellery wire solely as a base for beads, others weave, braid, or sculpt it into the hero of the piece. Silver and gold are most popular, but you can also find coloured wire that works well for exposed sections. The down side, though, is that you don't get a flowing, relaxed impression from pieces made with wire.

Jewellery thread for light beads

For a less structured look, jewellery thread is a popular choice. It's available in a variety of fibres and thicknesses, each with their own pros and cons. Cotton is natural and flexes well, but can break under pressure – especially at smaller diameters. Nylon is common – it's strong and fairly flexible and can handle rougher usage. More modern filaments like Kevlar and FireLine offer greater strength in a thinner thread, plus better UV resistance. As a general rule, as the size or weight of your beads increases, so should the weight of your jewellery thread.

Jewellery cord and string for heavier pieces

Heavier beads, like ceramic and stone materials, will often need something a bit thicker to achieve the right drape and tensile strength. This is where natural fibres tend to come into their own – leather, cotton, and hemp all tend to braid well to create strong and interestingly textured complements to your beads.

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