Jewellery Retainers

Jewellery can be many things: A fashion statement, a display for other or an extension of our identities. This is just as true for body jewellery as for rings and necklaces, if not more so. The biggest difference between them is that, with body jewellery, you sometimes need special equipment for health and safety. That’s partly the purpose of a retainer, although there can be more to it than that.

General Safety

It’s possible that, in certain settings, your piercing can become a hazard rather than a point of pride. While high-quality jewellery is usually safe, some metals or chemical coatings may not react well when exposed to particular substances, such as the chlorine in a swimming pool. When in a situation where you aren’t sure how it may react or if you’re at risk of losing it, nose jewellery retainers, tongue jewellery retainers and so on can prevent a problem before it happens.

Medical Procedures

There are plenty of operations and even simple machinery that don’t play nice with body jewellery. Ferrous metals like steel respond to magnetism, for example, which makes them dangerous to wear inside an MRI machine. When you’re going for any kind of medical procedure, you should communicate with your physician about whether or not you need to remove your body jewellery. If the answer is yes, you can find a nose retainer or other placeholder that will protect your piercing until you’re through.


While getting pregnant probably won’t affect a septum or nose piercing, it can certainly have an uncomfortable effect on belly jewellery! If you pierce your navel, it might be a good idea to invest in a retainer that can stretch and flex as your body changes, so that you don’t experience additional discomfort from keeping your jewellery in, and your piercing is still viable after you’re done.


Even though times and trends are constantly changing, it can be true that body piercings and similar jewellery are frowned upon in a professional environment. More importantly, certain jobs may have good reasons for why they don't allow body jewellery at work. When that’s the case, clear or flesh-tone retainers not only keep your piercings from closing while not occupied with jewellery, but can even help to conceal the presence of a piercing completely.