Keep the goods safer with jewellery boxes for rings from eBay

Jewellery boxes designed specifically for rings come in many different shapes, sizes and materials. Which one you choose will depend on a number of factors, such as whether the box is for a special proposal or for storing one or many rings.

Jewellery boxes for holding one special ring

Jewellery boxes for holding one ring are usually small with a hinge in the middle or a top that pops off. The ring will usually sit in a bed of padded material.

If the ring box will rarely be seen, you might consider a plain cardboard box. These will most likely have a standard lid that lifts off and come in a variety of colours.

If your ring is of value and will be kept somewhere visible, you will want to consider something sturdier like the plastic or velvet style you're used to seeing in jewellery stores. The plastic style is solid and available in many colours. The velvet is plush and feels soft to touch. Some of these boxes will even feature a small LED light in the lid.

Jewellery boxes for storing mulitple rings

If you have many rings and change them often, a larger box designed for this purpose is ideal.

These boxes come in two common styles. The first is a tea chest style with a different compartment for each ring, a hinge holding the top to the bottom and a clear glass or plastic top. The other style has a top that pulls off and a bottom lined with soft padded material for the rings to sit in.

Jewellery boxes for proposals

Jewellery boxes for proposals can be a little fancier. Although it’s quite common to use a traditional velvet box, some people opt for a special proposal box in which the hinges extend further backwards.

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