Keeping your precious jewelry in pristine condition when you’re travelling can be a real challenge. Untangling your favourite necklace is not exactly how you want to be spending your time after a long flight. Investing in a stylishjewellery travel case will give your jewellery the love it deserves. A jewellery travel case is a small box that contains various compartments to hold your jewellery when you travel. They are usually lined with a soft fabric like suede or velvet in order to keep the jewellery from getting scratched and allowing it to retain its shine and lustre. They are often also padded to provide extra protection.

There are travel cases that are specifically designed to carry your watch, your rings or your necklaces. Jewellery travel cases are available in a range of sizes, from tiny leather boxes to hold just a single piece to huge compartmentalized boxes that can contain your entire collection. Shapes vary from small and square to large and oblong. Some cases feature a zippable enclosure while others flip open by way of a hinge. An alternative to a jewellery box is a suede or leather travel pouch. A pouch will protect your jewellery from getting scratched but not from getting tangled. The only way to keep your necklaces from getting wound up is to invest in a jewellery travel case.

Jewellery travel cases may include a mirror on the flippable lid to allow you to check your look when you put your jewelry on. Of course, the case can be used beyond the act of travelling. You can also use it as your day to day jewellery holder. Most travel jewellery holders are very stylish, so they won’t look out of place on even the most elegant dresser. Some travel cases can even double as a clutch for your evening on the town. Most travel jewellery cases are quite compact so they won’t take up an excessive amount of space in your luggage.

You’ll find an impressive array of travel cases on eBay to keep your precious jewellery looking shiny and new on your travels.