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John Deere Riding Lawnmowers

Are you responsible for a large area of grass that never seems to stop growing? Are you in the market for a new, pre-owned or refurbished ride-on mower with serious cutting power to keep your lawns neat and tidy? The major benefit of ride-on mowers is the ability to quickly cut up to 130cm of grass, compared to less than 50cm of grass when using a traditional lawnmower. Riding your mower also means a lot less hard work for the old back and legs, so its ideal for people with limited mobility.

John Deere ride on mowers combine durability, power, safety and convenience. To decide which model best suits your needs, take a closer look at the item specifics of the various models available. For used models, pay close attention to the number of hours the item has been operated for. The design, mowing width, engine size, catcher features and transmission (automatic or manual) are all important considerations.

One of the most popular models is the John Deere D110 Ride On Mower, which uses a deep-deck and unique blade-to-spindle mower design to evenly lift grass for a neat, uniform cut. Some of the key features of the D110 model include 502 cc engine displacement and a cutting height of 1 to 4 inches. The 42-inch (110cm) cutting deck is ideal for mowing areas up to 4000 square metres (1 acre). For a space this size you generally want a mower with a 16-20 horsepower engine. For 4000 square metres to 1 hectare you would ideally use a cutting width of approximately 48 inches (120cm) and a 20-24 horsepower engine. And for more than a hectare, you will be looking for a ride on mower with the largest possible cutting width and at least a 24 horsepower engine.

Other John Deere mower options include the L110 Ride On Mower, the D130 Ride On Mower, the LT180 Ride On Mower, the X320 Ride On Mower, and the Sabre 38-inch Ride On Mower. To compare these with another leading brand, check out the great range of Husqvarna ride-on mowers available on eBay.

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