Choose Joico hair styling and colouring to transform your appearance   

Founded by a hair stylist in Southern California in 1975 for a single salon, Joico is now an internationally recognised brand in the ultra-competitive hair care industry. Joico is known for both its scientific approach to haircare solutions and its passion for everything hair and style.   

Joico hair styling   

Joico creates effective yet affordable haircare formulations for all types of hair. Among the broad range of Joico hair styling products on eBay you’ll find gels, clays, sprays, creams, powders, foams, serums, balms, waxes and pastes – in other words, anything you could possibly imagine for helping you achieve the hair of your dreams on a daily basis.   

Popular Joico products   

Browsing eBay for the best Joico hair care products to suit your specific needs? You’ll be able to choose between Joico favourites like Blonde Life, K-PAK Color Therapy, Daily Care, Smooth Cure, Body Luxe, Color Endure, Moisture Therapy, CURLS, Style and Finish, Tint Shot, Color Balance, and Color Infuse.   

Each formulation offers your hair a much-needed boost or a dash of elegance depending on your hair care challenge at the time. For example, the Daily Care formulas restore the balance of slightly dry or oily hair, while the Moisture Recovery range is all about transforming parched hair with botanical butters and oils.   

Joico hair colouring and protection  

 It’s only natural for hair colour to fade or deteriorate over time, but Joico hair colouring products help recover your true hue and protect your hair against the harsh physical and environmental factors that often lead to unwanted tonal changes. Whatever your shade of choice, bring your hair back to a life of colour with a little help from Joico.   

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