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Got one to sell?

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Jurassic World LEGO Complete Sets and Packs

Take part in the dangerous and exciting universe of Jurassic World all in glorious block form. With a healthy number of LEGO packs and sets to choose from, you’ll be able to assemble your dream scene in no time. From standalone vehicles to entire sets, you’re never limited in choices for achieving your LEGO Jurassic World fantasy.

LEGO Scenes

The number of Jurassic World LEGO building sets to choose from can be overwhelming, so it’s a good idea to start by picking a scene. Pivotal scenes like the Indominous Rex Breakout is a great start. It includes the enclosure facility, a helicopter, a bunch of equipment, four minifigures, a gyrosphere and the big bad boy, the Indominous Rex himself. If a smaller kit is what you need, consider the Dilophosaurus Ambush scene that has a truck, two minifigures, one Dilophosaurus and a gyrosphere for a small but fun build.

LEGO Set Age Ranges

LEGO sets have age ranges indicated on the boxes, telling you which range a set is suitable for. Five to Seven-Year Jurassic World Lego sets include the Raptor Escape scene, which contains two of that troublesome but loyal Raptor Squad along with their enclosure facility and a quadbike. If you want something a tad more advanced, the Indominous Rex Breakout is a good choice with its 7 to 12 age rating.

Mix and Match LEGO Sets

Once you have collected all LEGO Jurassic World sets, you’re free to mix and match all the vehicles to build your own scene. Buy the Raptor Rampage and the Raptor Escape sets to complete the Raptor Squad and have them battle the mighty Indominous Rex alongside Owen and his friends. Create your own hybrid vehicle by combining the truck, the mobile vet unit and even the quadbike to make a custom Jurassic World monstrosity of your own.

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