KTM Complete Motorcycle Clutches and Kits

KTM manufactures some of the worlds leading motorcycles, both for competitive and recreational riding. The company produces a range of street bikes and adventure-touring motorcycles all designed with elaborate technical expertise and boasting great road performance. Using OEM clutch parts in your KTM will ensure your bike retains maximum power. KTM complete motorcycle clutches and kits come with everything you need, including motorcycle clutch cables and motorcycle clutch covers.

High-Quality Materials

KTM motorcycle clutches are designed with heavy-duty organic material ensuring better temperature resistance and durability. The clutches are functionally tested to meet OEM performance specifications and are covered with Kevlar friction material. KTM cables feature a rolled tempered-steel wire housing designed to ensure correct clearances for the inner wire and feature an inner nylon sleeve for longer life and smooth operation. In addition, the steel plates keep the oil cleaner for smoother power delivery and more positive engagement.

Perfect OEM Replacement Parts

All KTM motorcycle parts are designed using the latest technology and are engineered and manufactured for flawless performance. The KTM complete clutch plate kits contain a complete pack of clutch covers, steel plates and a set of clutch springs for the application you need. The kit offers the best and most reliable replacement parts for your clutch. All the clutch parts are made to exact OEM specifications and offer maximum performance and the clutch feel of OEM.

Off-Road Riding

KTM clutch kit springs rival OEM and can withstand extreme conditions. They use stiff materials for reduced slippage for maximum control and instant drive. The clutches are designed for both racing and off-road use and use friction compounds for a smoother power delivery.

Easy Installation

The KTM complete motorcycle clutches and kits are quite easy to install. You will have your bike up and running in no time.