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KTM Motorcycle Air Intake Fuel Delivery Parts

Fuel and air - two requirements  for combustion. If your engine gets the right amount of each, it runs well. If not, you waste fuel, lose power, or even risk serious damage through overheating. Regularly cleaning or replacing your KTM motorcycle air filter will ensure better fuel efficiency and performance for the life of your KTM motorcycle.

Fuel Delivery Starts at the Tank

KTM Motorcycle fuel caps are designed to allow the tank to breathe while keeping dust and moisture out. As the fuel runs out of the tank, air is sucked in through the breather. If the breather is not present and functioning, you will get a vacuum build-up in the tank, restricting fuel flow. If the seals aren’t working, or the breather is leaking your tank will suck in dust and moisture. A good fuel cap can prevent big and costly problems.

Mixing the Fuel and Air

Getting the right fuel to air ratio is essential for good performance and efficiency. From the factory, your KTMs carburettor has been matched to your bike to provide the best performance under most conditions. Therefore, when it comes time to buy replacement parts, it’s usually best to go with the original gear. KTM motorcycle carburettor parts  are readily available, so there is no excuse for not using the right parts on your bike.

KTM Fuel Pump

If you’re facing a fuel delivery problem on your KTM, don’t forget to check the fuel pump. Gone are the days when all bikes’ fuel systems were gravity fed. Changing frame designs and the increasingly popular electronic fuel injection systems have made fuel pumps essential on many bikes.

Dirt Bike Wash Covers

KTM motorcycle parts are only as good as the maintenance they get. If you are the proud owner of a KTM dirt bike, you may want to invest in a airbox cover to keep the muck and water out of your new carburettor and air filter whenever you wash it down.

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