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Karaoke mixers enhance any party

Taking the sound from a karaoke system, a mixer sends the audio to an amplifier to create the best quality sound and enhances vocals for your karaoke parties.

Karaoke mixers, sometimes used by DJs, ordinarily feature delay and echo effects to control the settings depending on the room that you're in and to the preference of the singer. This can be done by adjusting the bass, for deeper tones and treble, for clearer high notes, as determined by what you think is the best sound for both the singer and the audience. This also gives a more professional sound while performing and helps to maintain the thumping sound and feeling that a heavy bass can produce if your set up is in a smaller room.

Different types of karaoke mixers

There are several types of mixers, such as ones that feature a control panel on the front of the device, a flat top mixer that can be placed on a tabletop or a boxed mixer where everything is encased in a solid box. The boxed mixer is good for if you are planning on travelling with your karaoke set, like if you were going to a friend's house, as the case is durable and can help to prevent any damage. These mixers often feature buttons and sliders on the front to adjust effects, such as echo and distortion.

Mixers that have a control panel on the front are some of the most popular models as they can be placed on a shelf or mounted onto a rack either above or below equipment for easy access.

Some karaoke mixers come with light indicators to show the level of volume of your karaoke microphones, which gives a professional look to the overall setup if you are looking to impress friends and family with a more technical ensemble. More affordable karaoke mixers do not feature this and it is not a necessary feature, but something that adds more flavour.