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Karcher Window Cleaner Other

Forget spraying window cleaner and using newspaper or paper towels to wipe windows clean. Not only does this take a long time, but it doesn't always produce the results you desire, and you may end up with streaky windows. The Karcher window cleaner is an appliance that uses battery power to clean your windows with ease, producing a shiny, streak-free surface. Used in conjunction with cleaning fluid and tools, it's simple to clean windows of all sizes.

Window Vacuum

You've heard of many common home appliances but you may not know about a vacuum for windows. Karcher window vacuums take the struggle out of cleaning windows and make it easy and fast. The battery-powered device uses a window squeegee to remove dirt and debris from windows in the most efficient way. The rechargeable device works alongside special cleaner as well as cloths and blades to provide a simple and hassle-free solution for window cleaning, especially for people who have a hard time reaching up to clean or wiping repeatedly to remove grime from glass.


Along with your Karcher window vacuum, you'll need some accessories to make the job easier. Use a squeegee blade of two different sizes to optimise your task. Attach a soft, lint-free microfibre cleaning cloth to wipe away dust and reveal a shiny surface. To get into hard-to-reach spots like corners and windowpanes, opt for the Karcher spray bottle with an attached microfibre cloth. You can also use the spray bottle to clean your shower or any other glass surface, like a mirror. If you have high windows and you're having a hard time reaching, attach the extension kit to your window vacuum to get into high spots.

Cleaner Concentrate

Compatible with the spray bottle and the vacuum, Karcher concentrated window cleaner is optimised for use with Karcher products. This strong cleaner not only cleans glass surfaces but won't leave behind any streaks or smears. It also removes stains caused by grease, dirt or fingerprints, and the powerful concentrate comes in 500ml bottles and lasts for many uses. To use the cleaner, mix the appropriate amount with water. You can also use the cleaner with other cleaning supplies, including sponges. It won't leave behind a strong smell, and it's safe to use on all types of glass.

Microfibre Cloth

The Karcher microfibre cleaning cloth won't scratch or damage glass, including mirrors or windows. Soft yet abrasive at the same time, the fabric easily collects dirt using its fibres, leaving behind no debris or streaks. Made from premium quality materials, the cleaning cloth works with the Karcher vacuum and spray bottle to provide a seamless cleaning experience that leaves you with shining windows and glass.

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