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Kelvinator Air Conditioners

Kelvinator air conditioners keep homes or businesses cool in hot climates or on unseasonably warm days. The air conditioning units are reliable as well as energy efficient. There are many different types of Kelvinator air conditioners available, each with its own unique advantages. Some are ideal for small spaces, while others are suitable for cooling entire homes. With so many types to choose from, you can find one that suits your individual or business needs.

Kelvinator Wall Mountable Air Conditioners

Kelvinator wall mountable air conditioners are ideal for cooling individual rooms, as well as taking the moisture and heat out small buildings or apartments. These are individual air conditioning units that you can mount on nearly any wall. Some feature high and low settings, and others have digital temperature controls.

Kelvinator Split-System Air Conditioners

Kelvinator split-system air conditioners typically have three separate components. There is an outdoor component that contains a condenser and compressor, an indoor component with an evaporator coil and a component that pumps the cool air through a duct system. Split-system air conditioners work well for cooling entire houses or office buildings.

Kelvinator Remote Control Air Conditioners

As the name suggests, Kelvinator remote control air conditioners feature remote controls that allows you to turn units on and off from across rooms. Most of these remote controls also let you manage the air intensity. The majority of Kelvinator remote control air conditioners are smaller units, ideal for cooling single rooms or studio apartments.

Kelvinator Ductless Air Conditioners

Kelvinator ductless air conditioners feature two separate components. There is an outdoor component with an air compressor and an indoor component which blows out cool air. They are similar to split-system air conditioners, but ductless units can work in spaces that do not have existing air duct systems.

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