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Kensington Laptop Docking Stations

Do more with a Kensington laptop docking station

Convert your laptop computer into a desktop whether youre at home or the office with a Kensington laptop docking station. By linking your laptop to a single connection cable point, you can then use your device to access a full-sized monitor, keyboard, printer, computer speakers, webcam, and mouse. By connecting with little or no effort, its all about finding the best way to maximise your laptop functions so you can get back to doing the things you do best.

With a laptop docking station, you get the benefits of both laptop and desktop computer: for example, you can use your laptop while on the road, and then when youre in the office or at school you can connect the same device to the docking station to use the monitor, keyboard and even printer. It really gives you the best of both worlds, without having to buy two separate computers.

Do I really need a docking station?

If you dont want to compromise on power or mobility, then you may want to invest in a laptop docking station. This is because on its own, a laptop offers mobility but when it needs to be connected to a monitor or keyboard, the power is sacrificed. With a docking station, you can plug multiple accessories into your laptop and use it without worrying about the performance lagging. For the serious student, gamer, or businessperson on the go who doesnt want to be tied down, a docking station is not just a luxury u001a its a necessity!

Shop online on eBay for laptop docking stations

When you buy a Kensington laptop docking station from eBay, you get a portable laptop that has the connectivity of a desktop PC u001a without the bulk. Shop online today on Australias largest marketplace for brand new and second-hand computer products at great prices.