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Keyed-Alike Padlocks

Sometimes it is necessary to have more than one locking mechanism to safeguard personal or business property. While there are many different types of lock and key combinations on the market, some people prefer to use keyed-alike padlocks to fill this need. Shoppers can find a variety of these handy accessories to fit almost any need imaginable.

What Are Some Benefits To Using Keyed-Alike Padlocks?

  • Convenience: Keyed-alike padlocks and locks are a convenient way to keep items under lock without the need to hunt through large numbers of keys to find the right one.
  • Saves Space: People who already have to carry a lot of keys on a keyring often find that having a master lock saves space and makes keychains less cumbersome to carry and store.
  • Peace of Mind: In addition to home and personal security cameras, a number of consumers find that they feel even more secure knowing that keyed-alike padlocks are in place to secure their personal belongings. You can often rekey these locks with a special code for an extra layer of protection and security when necessary.

Are There Different Styles of Keyed-Alike Padlocks Available?

Home sensors and motion detectors help alert people to the fact that a protected area may be compromised, but the traditional padlock helps keep would-be thieves locked away from personal belongings. Keyed-alike padlocks do come in an assortment of styles that make it possible to find options to fit various needs. Some styles of these padlocks include:

  • Keyed-Alike Puck Padlocks: This type of padlock gets its name due to its shape resembling that of a hockey puck. For added security, the puck padlock style does not include an exposed shackle, which makes it less likely to cut off with bolt and lock cutters.
  • Keyed-Alike Combination Locks: Some padlocks use combinations rather than a traditional key as a locking mechanism. These combination locks typically allow the user to change the code as they see fit, which is helpful for individuals or businesses that want to keep security measures upgraded.

Where Can I Use Keyed-Alike Padlocks?

Where to use keyed-alike padlocks depends on your personal preference. Here are locations where many consumers choose to use this type of security device.

  • Keyed-Alike Padlocks for Homes: A number of consumers use keyed-alike padlocks for their home and personal security lock needs. Keyed-alike front door locks make it easy for renters and other guests to enter specific parts of the home while keeping other areas off limits.

Keyed-Alike Padlocks for Businesses: Many businesses take advantage of offering keyed-alike padlock keys to employees or contract labourers. Property owners often find that having one key for multiple locks makes it easy for employees and other approved personnel to gain access to areas for storage, utility, offices and other grounds that the general population should not be able to access.

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