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Protect Your Child From Brain Injury With Kids' Cycling Helmets

A kid's bike helmet creates an additional layer for your child's head and protects them from brain injury. It's designed to reduce the risk of severe brain and head injuries by lessening the impact of a collision or force to the head. eBay offers a range of kids' cycling helmets in various colours and sizes.

How to keep kids' cycling helmets in good condition

Taking care of your bike helmet is important for safety and its longevity. Store the helmet in a cool, dry place away from extreme heat. Do not expose kids' bike helmets to chemicals. Certain cleaners can damage the plastic shell and foam on the bike helmet. Decorating children's bike helmets or cleaning them with harsh chemicals can degrade the materials and the helmet's performance.

What should you consider when choosing kids' bike helmets?

Kids' cycling helmets come in different sizes, so you should measure your child's head before making a purchase. Use a soft tape measure to measure the circumference of your kid's head, an inch above their eyebrows. Choose a kid's bike helmet with this specific number in its size range.

Different types of kids' cycling helmets

The variety of kids bike helmets available on eBay means you can choose the type of helmet that suits your needs. Full-face kids cycling helmets offer coverage around the neck and head. Full-face kids cycling helmets also come with a chin bar designed to protect the jaw and chin. Most full-face girls' cycling helmets have ventilation to keep them cool while riding, reduce visor fogging, and evaporate sweat. Half boys' cycling helmets cover the top of the head and the area from the forehead to the brows.

What materials are used to make kids' bike helmets?

Kids' bike helmets are made of various materials to help keep you safe. These materials include:

  • Expanded polystyrene (EPS): A material used to make the inner lining in children's bike helmets. This material is used because of its impact-absorbing qualities.
  • Polycarbonate: A lightweight, durable material used for creating the outermost layer of children's cycling helmets. This layer is designed to reduce the impact on the head in an accident. Other materials used to make this shell include kevlar, polycarbonate, composite fibre, and fibreglass.
  • Acrylic and polycarbonates: Materials used to make a bike helmet's visor, which keeps wind, rain, smoke, and dust from entering the eyes.
  • Foam: A component used as padding. It's designed to be comfortable and made using a nonirritant material.
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