Kids Unisex Boxing Gloves

Kids Unisex Boxing Gloves

While you probably hate the thought of your kids getting into fights, boxing is a great sport that teaches patience, coordination and is a great way to keep fit. It is also a relatively cheap activity that needs only a heavy bag for practice and a good pair of sparring gloves. You may also consider some protective gear. If your child is into kickboxing then you will need a special pair of kickboxing gloves that are thinner than regular boxing gloves.

What Makes a Good Pair of Boxing Gloves?

Branded or unbranded kids unisex boxing gloves are like regular gloves that cover all of the hand and wrist. There are usually Velcro straps to secure the glove around the wrist and are suitable for both girls and boys. The gloves are padded, which provides cushioning when hitting a punching bag.

Should I Buy a Punching Bag?

Your child may learn how to box at a gym or training facility but they can also practice at home with a kid’s punching bag. These bags are smaller than the adult size models and you can hang one in the garage, under the patio or in a gym room.