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King and Country Toy Soldiers

Founded in 1983 by two Scots living in Hong Kong, King and Country has grown into one of the finest producers of toy soldiers, historical miniatures and military figurines. In addition to its hand-painted metal King and Country toy soldiers, it also produces a fantastic range of model buildings, fighting vehicles, ships and aircraft, as well as lead toy soldiers. From Ancient Greece and Egypt to Imperial China, the Japanese Navy and the Israeli Defence Force, there are King and Country toy soldiers to collect from across the globe.

World War II Series

The World War II series of King and Country toy soldiers includes figures from the shores of D-Day Normandy to the sands of North Africa. You can find toy soldiers, fighting vehicles and buildings from specific events that occurred during World War II, including the Operation Barbarossa figurines from the German invasion of Russia in June 1941.

Streets of Old Hong Kong

One of the most popular ranges of King and Country toy figurines is from the Streets of Old Hong Kong series that features colourful Chinese figurines and buildings from turn-of-the-century Colonial Hong Kong. Look for Flying Dragon boats and historic sedan chairs, as well as fishermen, wonton sellers and shoe-shining stands.

Crusades Series

Take a step back in history to the age of the Crusades with King and Country's Crusaders and Saracens series. This selection of toy figurines depicts both sides of one of the world's longest and bloodiest struggles. Collect Crusader Knights and Men-at-Arms, as well as Mounted Saracens, jousting posts and medieval tents.

Age of Napoleon

Are you interested in the Age of Napoleon? You can collect King and Country toy soldiers and figurines from his Army of the Orient's exploits in Egypt and the Holy Land. The Age of Napoleon series includes not only Napoleon's French soldiers, but also figurines of the Mamelukes and British soldiers.