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If you are looking for quality furniture designs that are made to last, you’ve come to the right place. King Furniture was the former name of the King Living brand, which has been operating in the Australian market since 1977. The company changed its name to King Living in 2015 to suit the broader variety of products on offer. A designer, manufacturer and retailer of furniture, King Living has an abundance of designs to suit both commercial and residential customers.

The design

King Furniture is renowned for quality, and the company uses only the best materials when manufacturing their Australian-designed products. The company uses state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to handcraft products that are of the highest standard. Only luxury materials are used to create superior quality comfort, and support.


If there’s one thing King Living is best known for, it’s the range of sofas, including flexible modular options, luxury leather, fabric sofas and sofa beds. King Living sofas are designed to fit into every space; they are versatile and easy to manoeuvre. A modular sofa allows you to change the configuration so it will generally fit in any room comfortably. Armrests slide in and out, and you can often move the backs around and even create a chaise if you want something a little different.

The Smart Pockets™ range has pockets across the fabric that allows you to insert side tables, lights, speakers and more into the space. If you often have guests but you also want to save space when they aren’t there, sofa beds are ideal; and if you want to treat yourself to some relaxation after a hard day’s work – there’s nothing like sinking back into a King’s recliner for a few hours of reprieve.


It does not matter which room of the home you want to refresh; King Furniture has a product you are guaranteed to love. When it comes to furniture, they manufacture and sell everything from beds and mattresses, to coffee tables and rugs. You will find an abundance of shelving and storage options, as well as desks and home office equipment. If you want to brighten your outdoor space, you can choose from a stunning range of modern ottomans, chairs, tables and sofas for your deck or patio.


King Furniture has a range of accessories available as well, including accessories for your Smart Pockets™, candles, lighting, even art for your walls! The King-Care product range allows you to take full care of your furniture as well, so if you want to top up your supply or you’re buying a couch online and want to make sure it is protected, you can shop eBay for this as well. It includes care kits for your leather and fabric products, as well as strong leather cleaner, brush, and cloth.

eBay has a wide range of King Furniture products available, varying in price. You can shop for brand new products or save some money with second hand. There are many options available. Check out the full range available today for fast delivery.