King Single Size Bunk Beds

For extended family holidays, sleepovers and weekends away, any parent can tell you that bunk beds are a handy household furniture item. Bunk beds are incredibly practical in terms of space, not to mention the fact that kids love them. If you want to get the most out of your bunk beds and still be able to pile a few kids into one room as they get older and bigger, a king single bunk bed setup might be a good thing to look into. Larger than your average single bed and therefore well suited to fast growing children, a king single bunk is still extremely space efficient. Bunk beds are a godsend if you have family or friends staying and need somewhere to put all the kids. As well as being able to fit one child on each of the bunks, some bunk beds also have a pull out trundle bed underneath the lower bed, meaning that you can easily sleep three people in the one room! The king single bunk size will ensure that theyre all comfortable and happy whilst still enjoying the school camp novelty of the setup.

Things to think about when purchasing bunk beds

When viewing the fantastic range of bunk beds available online via eBay, there are a few things to consider. Firstly, design – are you looking to buy a simple king single bunk setup with only two beds, or would a third trundle come in handy? Some bunk beds also include built-in storage or even a bed-over-desk setup, so its worth thinking about how you can really make the most of the space. Secondly, material and ease of assemblage – most bunk beds will be made out of either steel or wood, so take into consideration things like transportation, and whether the beds are a permanent feature or just set up for special occasions. Strength and durability are also important – children do, after all, have a tendency to jump on beds and generally cause a ruckus! There is a fantastic range of childrens furniture available for online purchase via eBay, so youre sure to find whatever you need to keep your kids occupied. Start browsing today and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet down the track!