King Size Beds & Bed Frames

A good nights sleep starts with a comfortable bed, and it doesnt get much more luxurious than lying down on a quality king bed. Stretch out, roll over and relax in a bed designed for two people to enjoy unrivalled space. The approximate dimensions of a king size bed frame are 212-220cm long x 195cm wide. This frame supports a standard king mattress with dimensions of approximately 203cm x 183cm. King bed frames and mattresses are a massive 30cm wider than queens. Once you experience the difference, youll never want to downsize from that big king bed again.

Apart from the obvious size benefits, what else will you be looking for in a new or used king bed? The answer is quality materials and construction, and a design in keeping with the overall style of your bedroom. Both modern and classical style beds can appear beautiful and sophisticated depending on the surrounding architecture and furniture. Some bed frames are designed with headboards, footboards, sides and elevated feet, while others incorporate only one or two of these elements. You will need to put on your interior designers hat to decide whether modern simplicity or classical elegance is the best fit for your current bedroom decor.

In terms of construction its important to find a frame that is sturdy. Ideally it will include a middle metal support bar along with strong, flexible slats such as bentwood slats, which respond well to weight and pressure. Firm metal joints provide crucial strength and support for long term durability. Many bed frame sellers offer free metro delivery in major cities. For delivery options to regional areas it is best to read the item specifics. When it comes to assembly, the most convenient items will arrive flat packed with the assembly instruction manual included. Remember that assembling a king bed is almost always a two-person job, so this is probably not the time for DIY.