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Kirby Vacuum Bags, Parts, and Accessories

Known for durability and high quality, Kirby vacuums are an investment that stands the test of time. Heavy-duty vacuums that tackle every task with ease, Kirby offers award-winning vacuums that fit every lifestyle. As with most vacuum cleaners and household appliances, vacuums sometimes require maintenance to keep them running smoothly. That's where Kirby vacuum parts and accessories come into play.

Bag of Tricks

Vacuums that contain a bag must be changed when the bag fills up. Vacuuming with a full bag may result in the vacuum malfunctioning or not picking up debris as it normally does. One of the most important vacuum parts and accessories, Kirby vacuum bags come in many types to fit your specific vacuum style. Match the model number to the bag for a perfect fit, and consider HEPA bags for added allergy filtration,

Look the Part

When a vacuum acts up, it's typically simple to fix it and get back to cleaning again. Some parts may wear out over time, such as Kirby vacuum belts, so you'll need to purchase the one that matches up with your device to get your vacuum up and running again. Other parts you may wish to replace include brushes, which come in several types, including special brushes for rugs or for pet hair. Brushes wear out over time and require replacement now and then to optimise the performance of your vacuum cleaner. Torn or broken hoses are simple to replace and come in multiple lengths and types.

Bells and Whistles

Everyone loves accessories, and your vacuum cleaner deserves some extras, too. Some accessories work to help you clean more efficiently, such as attachments, like the Kirby Zipp Brush, which digs into dirt for a deeper, harder cleaning, which works well for heavy traffic and highly soiled areas, like entryways or stairs. Freshen your home as you vacuum by adding scent tablets to your vacuum bag to impart a clean scent as you work.

Keep it Clean

Adding cleaning supplies to your arsenal of accessories ensure your carpet looks the best it ever has. Working in conjunction with your vacuum, Kirby cleaning products, like carpet shampoo and spot cleaner, ensure stains don't set in and your carpet stays soft, fresh, and stain-free through the years. Add a carpet brightener or freshener to your chore list depending on your specific carpet cleaning needs and see results that keep your floors fresh and clean.

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