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Got one to sell?

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When you’re cooking up a storm, you expect all your ingredients to be easily located and within reach. There’s nothing more annoying than really needing a specific ingredient but not being able to find it anywhere. When it comes to flavourings, spices and herbs, these can easily get lost among the rest of the food prep.

A spice rack is the most practical and clever solution to keeping your spices and herbs in a safe and organised manner. Find the exact seasoning that you need for your dish in a clearly visible and affordable display case.

Types of spice racks

There are a few different spice shelf organisers to suit your needs and lifestyle, such as a rotating carousel, a wall mounted shelf, or even a drawer insert. You can incorporate all styles in your kitchen, depending on how you many products you have and how frequently you use them.

Wall-mounted shelf: If you are tight on space, a wall-mounted spice rack is the ideal option. It frees up counter space and keeps your spices at visible eye level.

Rotating carousel: Another popular style is the rotating carousel that is able to rotate 360 degrees. Sitting on your countertop, it uses a bit of space and generally stores your most common seasonings for easy reach.

Drawer insert: As the name suggests, this spice rack sits inside your drawers so they are invisible. Many designs feature tiered layers so you can squeeze in as many spices as you want.

What to consider before buying your spice rack

When it comes to your spice shelf, you need to consider the capacity, quality and how much room you have. Think about how many spices you actually have, or plan on adding to your collection. You also want your rack to last a long time, so it needs to be durable and strong enough to support your products. It goes without saying that you need to find a suitably sized rack that will fit in your kitchen comfortably.

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