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Kitchen Tap

Kitchen Taps

Naturally, kitchen taps are functional, and when choosing one, you probably first think about the performance. However, they could also contribute to the overall style of your home. It is highly advisable to choose a plumbing tap or mixer that not only does it job well, but also looks good. Learn about the tap types, features, and finishes as well as the importance of placement.

Tap Types

The pillar constitutes the traditional tap, which is quite common and also cheap when comparing to more intricate designs. The pillar includes separate units for cold and hot water, while the kitchen mixer includes a single spout but separate handles for hot and cold water. The dual flow is a variation of the mixer, single spout with two handles, but the hot and cold water separate before reaching the nozzle part. This is useful in case your water pressures are utterly different. The monobloc has a simple design with one handle controlling the temperature and flow, but this design definitely requires equal water pressure for both hot and cold water.


Pull-out mixers and extendable hoses are great additions to any tap, allowing you to better handwash the dishes, especially when washing large pots and pans. With a filtered tap, you can enjoy drinking tap water, which is many times cheaper than buying bottled water. Sensor taps or mixers allow you to turn the water on without touching the handles. Instead, you can use the back of your hand to touch the sensor. This is a really useful option if you often need to wash your hands during cooking, especially when they are completely covered with food.


Placement determines many characteristics of a tap that you can choose for your kitchen. Consider the space available by your sink, and choose the tap size accordingly. A very high design can look good in the showroom, but if it does not fit under a low kitchen cabinet, it is simply a waste of money.


The finish of a tap could be either modest and almost noticeable or stand out and make a statement of its own. The chrome finish continues to be popular, fitting into both modern and traditional homes. The slightly softer-looking stainless steel finish wears well as time passes. You could also play with colours: black for a smart look, white for a clean feeling, or brighter tones to add a funky vibe.

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