Easy Access To Whipped Cream With Dispensers


Whipped cream dispensers are a useful but frequently ignored kitchen tool. A regular whip cream dispenser can add the perfect pillow-textured topping to a bowl of fruit or can enhance the finish for any delicious dessert. So, how do you go about buying one on eBay? It’s simple!

What to look for when buying a dispenser

A good whip cream dispenser must be made from material (aluminium or stainless steel) that is safe and healthy for humans. Food grade materials won't react with the food and can keep the condition of the cream as it is fresh. Dependability and ease of maintenance, the ability to obtain replacement parts, and the ability to produce and store larger amounts are essential factors.

The bubbles that double the amount of the cream and keep it sticky are created by nitrous oxide (N2O) canisters which should be much available for any suitable whipped cream dispenser. Your dispenser must be well-made and long-lasting. Is your choice of dispenser plastic, metal? Is it made of stainless steel or aluminium? Then there's the issue of usability. Is there a dispensing lever? Button? Switch? Installing and withdrawing the canister; manual pressure?

Pay attention to the features

Before you buy online, make sure you understand how your whipped cream dispenser is going to work. Here are the features you’ll find:

  • Tip: The mixture is released in a controlled and consistent manner by the tip. It attaches to the top of the head valve using a screw.
  • Lever: When pressed, the lever opens the head valve, depressurising the canister until it is released.
  • Charger Holder: The bulb is held in the charger holder. It attaches to the head's pin, which pierces the bulb and allows the gas to escape into the canister.
  • Dispenser Head: The dispenser head has a head valve and a gasket, and it keeps the operating devices inside. It holds the piercing pin, tip, and lever on the outside.
  • The liquids are held in the canister, which is screwed into the head.
  • Head Valve: The top lever, the tip screws, receives the head valve, passing through the head and out the top lever. It's the mechanism that makes the cream dispense possible.
  • Head Gasket: The gasket is what keeps the canister and the head together.

How to use it

All of this is no good if you don’t know how to use it, so the following steps are a simple way to understand this part:

  1. Remove the dispenser's head from the container.
  2. Pour in the contents of your choice. If you’re using cream, remember you need to use thickened cream for whipping.
  3. Return the dispenser's head to its original position.
  4. One cream charger should be inserted into the charger holder.
  5. Attach the charger holder to the dispenser's pin until you hear the gas escape (it is not uncommon to have a little gas escape during this process).
  6. To mix the gas with the contents, shake the dispenser.
  7. To disseminate, lower the dispenser tip and press the lever.

Maintenance should be simple: disassembling, cleaning, reassembling, changing components, purchasing canister refills. If you keep a well-whipped cream dispenser refrigerated, the cream should last 10 to 14 days inside it. Keep in mind though that any use by or best before dates from your cream will still apply when in the dispenser.

The dispensers must also include a tiny escape hole as a safety measure if there is a problem with the valve and the gas has to escape.

Remember to...

  • Shop for quality. There are numerous nitrous oxide cream whipper dispenser brands on the market. If you make whipped cream frequently, a high-quality cream whipper is ideal – it will work faster and is composed of durable materials.
  • Shop for size. A 0.5 litre model will suit up to four people for a delicious dessert. Whippers that have a one litre capacity is more suited to commercial customers (and you’ll need more N2O).
  • Use good quality cream for good quality whipping. Making good whipped cream requires high-fat cream, such as 35% fat. Heavy cream whips better and retains its shape longer.
  • Don’t skimp on the canisters. If you want fluffy whipping, make sure you buy quality N2O canisters. Cheaper ones might have pollutants in them. You can also buy some that are recyclable.

When you’re shopping online, make sure you pay attention to the details in the descriptions. Buy quality products and check that the material matches the price point. You can use the Click & Collect feature on some products, or simply check that the postage arrival date is suited to when you need it. If you have any questions, always contact the seller before you buy.