Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Whether you have a new injury or are recovering from surgery, whether you're looking for support for your sports activities or simply need extra knee support for everyday life, eBay's superb range of knee braces could have you up and walking in no time. It goes without saying, of course, that you should always consult your doctor prior to using any medical equipment or aids.

Find the knee protection most suitable for you

Knee braces come in a variety of designs, which include basic sleeves, wraparound supports, stabilisers and hinges. How do they work? A basic sleeve is a closed circle support that slips over the foot and is pulled up to the knee, suitable for low level support for ongoing, minor knee complaints.

A wraparound support is typically adjusted using Velcro or straps, providing adding warmth and compression, which may be good for reducing swelling and helpful for arthritis. A stabiliser support uses metal springs on either side of the knee, providing added support for weak knees, while a hinge knee brace provides the most advanced support, featuring hinges to support the knee as it bends and flexes. This is the level of support you may need if your knee often gives way.

Knee supports can also come with a closed or open patella section for your knee cap. If you dislike pressure on your knee cap, opt for an open design, or if your knee cap requires support, then a closed design could be best.

Enjoy the ease of online shopping with eBay

With an extensive range of brands at your fingertips, there's no need to strain your knee any further. Grab a cuppa, take a seat, and compare features and prices from the well deserved comfort of your chair. To further support your mobility, check out eBay's range of crutches, walkers and canes. Whatever support you need, you're sure to find everything you want within eBay's superb range available to purchase online today.

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