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Knock Box Coffee Accessories

The espresso knock box is an excellent addition to anyone's coffee-brewing set-up. Both professional baristas and amateur espresso enthusiasts love to tap the filter on the bash bar and immediately dispense of the used up coffee stuck to it. When a device is this simple, the main impression is that any model does the trick. However, there are slight differences between models which may affect your choice.

Can you just dispose of coffee grounds like any regular rubbish?

Disposing of coffee grounds the same way as regular rubbish creates several risks:

  • Tapping the filter from a rubbish bin is not hygenic
  • Hot coffee grounds may melt the plastic bag in your bin
  • Throwing coffee down the sink creates plumbing problems

That being said, a coffee waste bin is an affordable solution for those who do not have a compost bin in their kitchen.

Does a sophisticated espresso machine need a knock box?

Most espresso machines need a knock box. Only the fully-automated cappuccino and espresso machines with self-cleaning take care of the waste and wash the filter. Still, a traditional espresso machine always requires manual preparation and cleaning afterwards, so having a coffee waste bin comes in handy. Note that, some traditional machines come with a knock box as an included accessory in the set.

How to choose the right size knock box?

Since a coffee knock box permanently takes up space in a kitchen, a major aspect to consider is its size. Users that have a lot of kitchen counter space around their coffee machine, can get a larger model. Large models need to be emptied less often and are more convenient to manuevere around, as users don't need to aim when they tap the filter. Small ones are still an excellent addition to the kitchen, as they do solve one waste problem.

How to choose the right model?

Many companies that produce espresso machines also produce matching coffee grinders, knock boxes and other coffee-related equipment. Those who wish all of their equipment to match a specific colour or theme, should stick to one manufacturer and one model line. If items from the same line are not available, finding a close colour match should not be too tough as there are many knock boxes available on the market.

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