Heavy Komatsu machinery for every job

A leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, Japanese company Komatsu offer a wide range of hydraulic excavators as well as other motorised construction vehicles such as dump trucks, skid steer loaders, and crawler dozers. They also provide tough, armoured vehicles and other products for military use.

Komatsu was founded in 1921, and began branching out from mining equipment to provide agricultural machinery as well as supplying the Japanese military.

Komatsu excavators

Komatsu remain true to their mining roots, and produce high-quality mining machinery such as continuous miners and hydraulic excavators, to make your mining jobs a breeze.

If you're short on space, the Komatsu mini excavators are a smart solution. Compact and powerful, they are capable of lifting up to 5.3 tonnes while offering superior comfort and controllability, allowing you to get the job done in no time.

For bigger jobs, look out for more heavy machinery such as Komatsu mining excavators, which will make light work of big tasks and heavy lifting.

In this range, you'll find a variety of different models of excavators and miners that can tackle a whole host of jobs quickly and efficiently.

Komatsu parts and accessories

As well as Komatsu motorised equipment, you'll also find replacement parts and various add-ons. If you work on a big site and everyone needs access to the equipment, pick up a few spare keys for your Komatsu machines to make things run smoothly.

There's a variety of replacement parts for your Komatsu machines too, so if you're in search of a new radiator cap or some replacement sprockets, this range has got you covered.

To make sure you're equipped to tackle a mixture of different jobs, look out for add-ons for your Komatsu equipment such as sieve buckets and heavy duty excavator buckets, so you can work with many different types of terrain without the need for multiple machines.