Create quality music with Korg instruments

Ideal for musical instrument fans and enthusiasts, Korg is famous around the globe. From digital pianos to audio drum machines, the Korg instruments and musical sound accessories are extremely high quality and sought-after. A wide range of Korg musical instruments, accessories, and audio equipment are available here on eBay, so take a look around and discover the perfect Korg item for you.

Korg was founded in 1963 and with a goal to create musical instruments that make music fun for the user and the listener. Making innovative and unique audio experiences from their products, Korg designs for musical artists and novices alike, with fun and creativity in mind. Whether you are an expert in your field or have decided to take an instrument up for the first time, look through the huge range of Korg instruments and find exactly what youre looking for.

Korg synthesisers

One of the first of Korgs products designs was the synthesiser. From a digital synthesiser to a full workstation, Korg has you covered. Try the Korg Volca FM, a polyphonic digital synthesiser, which links classic sound engines with modern dance music. Alternatively, find analogue synthesisers, like the Minilogue, ideal for every modern-day musician.

Korg digital pianos

Dont miss the stunning range of Korg digital pianos available on eBay. From grand Concert series pianos to more compact performance digital pianos, Korg has got the right choice for you. Take a look at the LP-180, a beautiful, high quality digital piano, available in both black and white, to fit stylishly and seamlessly into your home.

Korg drum machines

If you prefer drums to classical piano, Korg has just the thing for you. Take a look round the huge range of options for Korg pro audio drum machines. Try the Korg Wavedrum, a dynamic percussion synthesiser, for your best performance yet.