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Got one to sell?

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Kotobukiya TV, Movie and Video Game Action Figures

The Kotobukiya company has been in the toy business since the mid-20th century. Starting with dolls and kits, it began making soft vinyl statues in 1989. Since then, it has become a recognised name amongst fans of TV, movies and video games. You can find Kotobukiya action figures from Marvel, DC, Star Wars and other fandoms.

Fine Art

Kotobukiya fine art statues are made from resin. They are 1:6 scale, from about 20 to 40 cm tall. These fine art statues sometimes have interchangeable heads that allow the owner to display the character with a mask or without. Fine art resin Kotobukiya action figures are produced in limited runs. The limited runs means there is a chance the figure will be worth more in time.

ArtFX and ArtFX+

Both ArtFX and ArtFX+ action figures are made from PVC. The main difference lies in their scaled size. The ArtFX statues are 1:7 scale, while the ArtFX+ figures are 1:10 scale. Neither line of figures are posable, however, some models do come with alternate pieces. For example, a figure may come with two sets of arms to enable you to change up poses.


Bishoujo, literally "beautiful girl," statues are made from PVC. They are made to 1:7 scale. Like its other statues, Bishoujo statues range in size. As the name indicates, this line from Kotobukiya is all female. Many of the characters are female interpretations of male characters from the TV, movie and video game universes.


In addition to PVC Kotobukiya TV, movie and video game action figures, the company also sells themed accessories. Under accessories, you can find Star Wars themed chopsticks, business card holders and even silicone moulds. You are sure to find a fun accessory for any Star Wars fan.

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