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At eBay, we have a huge range of tractorsandbulldozersavailable from highly reputable brands such as Kubota, John Deere, Ford, Massey Ferguson and more. Tractors can be extremely useful if you select the right type of tractor for your needs. A Kubota tractor is a good choice for many buyers as there is a huge range of models available for purchase.

Manoeuvrability & Motor

When choosing your Kubota tractor, think about what work you will most use it for. Some tractors are easier to manoeuvre than others. This type of tractor is better for small spaces or tight areas that need to be accessed easily. Front end loader tractors or tractors with a 4-wheel drive capacity are good examples of this.

If you are planning on completing heavy ground work, you should ensure that your Kubota tractor has a powerful engine that is able to cope under pressure. The power of the engine is measured by horsepower. In Kubota tractors, this can range from 18 HP to 135 HP.

New or Used?

Buying a Kubota tractor may be an easier option. However, new tractors can be extremely expensive especially if you are buying from a dealer. On eBay, we have a huge range of second-hand tractors that are available.

One thing to look for when purchasing a second-hand tractor is tractor hours. Much like a car odometer, these indicate how many hours a tractor has been operating for. As a general rule, 5000 hours is quite high and Kubota tractors with this amount of hours on the clock may need some engine work.

You may also want to consider seat comfort and repair history. Be sure to ask the seller what the tractor was used for as some industries are harder on machinery than others.

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