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Iconic and deadly Kukri knives

Kukri (or Khukuri) knives are one of the most popular and dangerous knives on the planet. These knives are known for being one of the key weapons used by Gurkhas in battle and are now used in many shows across the world. Not only is the Kukri a weapon of choice for a Gurkha but also a very popular choice in hunting and for chopping out in the wild. The Kukri knife is available from a variety of brands, so there's no excuse for not adding one to your hunting equipment.

The blade is shaped in such a way that it can be used as both an axe and a knife which is one of the key reasons it has remained a popular choice. Similar to the machete you are able to use it both as a tool and a hunting knife to give you a diverse piece of equipment in your arsenal.

Currently, there are many brands which now sell their own Kukri knife variations like Cold Steel, Mtech and Seziko which are available on eBay. Many, but not all of the Kukri's come with their own sheaths with loops designed to fit your belt, so it is easy and convenient to carry, most sheaths are made of leather so check that feature out on the product description if you need it.

Whether you are passionate huntsman looking for a high-quality knife or a have a hobby for collecting knives, swords and weapons then there are many options for you to pick from.

Made from quality steel or cold steel, these blades hold a keen edge and their curved shape makes them ideal for chopping and cutting through foliage and tough branches. They would also make short work of skinning and gutting small game. They are the survivalist's favourite knife.

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