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Luxury Skincare From La Mer

La Mer has established itself as a brand that speaks to those looking for luxury. In a world where skincare routines and makeup products have become quick and disposable, La Mer offers something more sophisticated. The brand came to life when physicist Dr Max Huber finally unlocked the healing powers of the sea, discovering a process of fermentation using kelp and other natural products. This led to a key ingredient designed to deliver micronutrients to the skin in a healing, hydrating and regenerative formula.

Today, La Mer offers many skincare products for the face and body, alongside their legendary flagship item - the Crème de la Mer.

Crème de la Mer

This moisturising cream started it all for La Mer. Using the formula discovered by Max Huber, this moisturising cream provides all-day moisture to the skin. Not only can it help soothe natural skin dryness, but also helps to repair the skin's essential barrier. The product is loved worldwide, and if you suffer from dry skin, it's definitely worth looking into further.

Whether you have sensitive skin, or you just want to feel the luxury of a rich moisturiser on your skin every day, the Crème de la Mer is the perfect option to give your skin a boost. However, aside from this wonderful product, there's so much more on offer from La Mer.

Luxurious skincare for the face

The La Mer brand is all about healing and rejuvenation. The indulgent products on offer can make your skin feel firmer, and give you the confidence to meet any challenge head-on. Skincare products often promise the world but don't deliver. If you're tired of this happening, why not give La Mer a go. You'll find a huge range of carefully created moisturisers designed for the face's soft skin. If you have specific concerns for the skin around your eyes. La Mer offers treatments designed to smooth and rejuvenate your skin.

There are serums and watery lotions created for skin repair, as well as cleansers and toners that will leave your face feeling fresh, clean and vibrant. They don't forget about the lips either, with a range of lip balm and volumizer which will keep those dry, cracked lips at bay. If you prefer full face mask treatment, indulge yourself in some of the hydrating and revitalising masks on offer from La Mer.

Body skincare

When we talk about skincare, many people just focus on the face. This is the area we have on display the most, so it makes sense. However, it's important not to forget about the rest of your body. All skin gets dry, and La Mer gives you the chance to protect, repair and rejuvenate your skin.

Not only can you choose the luxurious body crème, but there's a range of reparative body lotions, renewal oils and even special hand treatment to have your skin feeling fresh all day long.

The skin colour range

When it comes to makeup products, La Mer wants to give you something more special than the normal off-the-shelf brands. From long-wearing liquid foundation with built-in SPF protection to foundation powder and sheer pressed powder, you can't go wrong with La Mer. Even if you've got troublesome blemishes, there's concealer available to cover up those spots and complete your look.