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Got one to sell?

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Play your favourite songs with quality Lanikai ukuleles

Ukuleles are ideal for those who want to unleash their inner folk musician and are great for those who want to learn an instrument for the very first time. The smaller size of this instrument makes it easier to pick up and play, making it perfect for children too.

The best thing about Lanikai ukuleles is that they are suited to both beginners and experts alike, with various sizes, woods, and finishes to choose from. Some of the most popular sizes of Lanikai ukuleles include the soprano, tenor, concert, and baritone, so there is always the option to go up or down an octave or two.

Ukulele sizings

The baritone is the biggest ukulele and it is very similar to a classical guitar. It is much deeper when compared to the concert and the soprano ukuleles and is very popular with those who want to play at home. Tenors are suited to professionals and to those who play in a full band with other similar styled instruments. The baritone model boasts 18 to 21 frets, making it an easy transition from the bass or the guitar.


A uke is often made out of different woods. Koa wood is used in many ukuleles made in Hawaii, like Lanikai models. Koa has a very stunning grain and a warm sound, creating a truly iconic tone.

Mahogany Lanikai ukuleles are a little softer whilst spruce is the most commonly used wood in ukuleles. Spruce can still give off a great sound but it cannot hold a note as well when compared to woods such as mahogany or Koa.

Laminated ukes are also available. These models tend to be more affordable, making them ideal for beginner players. Lanikai has many different ukuleles available with different wood types to suit every single playing style with ease.

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