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LED 12 V String Lights

Bring the holiday season to life or illuminate your next event with energy-saving 12 V LED string lights. It’s no secret that LEDs consume much less electricity than incandescent bulbs and it’s no different with decorative string lights and Christmas tree lights using LEDs. Whether you’re after wedding tape LED 12 V string lights or rope/wire waterproof LED 12 V string lights, you can find decorative lights for all applications.


LEDs operate at much cooler temperatures than incandescent bulbs, which help to reduce the risk of combustion or burning. This means that your family will be in safe hands at Christmas time with low-hung lights around the tree or window frames. LED string lights can also connect end-to-end without overloading wall sockets.


Modern LED string lights use epoxy lenses (not glass), which means they are much more resilient to breakages. Some incandescent light strings need replacing when just one bulb blows, but with LEDs, the rest of the string will continue to work. Rather than having to replace your holiday lights every couple of years due to busted bulbs, your LED strings will be illuminating your home for many years to come.

Energy Efficiency

One of the greatest benefits of LEDs is their energy efficiency, with some LED Christmas lights using up to 90 percent less electricity than standard incandescent string lights. Keep your electricity bills down while illuminating your home or garden for hours on end when you switch to LEDs.

Long Term Savings

While LEDs were originally far more expensive than incandescent bulbs, their price has dropped significantly in recent years. You’ll still pay more, but the savings on your energy bills and replacing bulbs over the coming years will be more than worth it. The upfront costs of investing in LED string lights more than outweighs the disadvantages and ongoing costs of using incandescents for your decorative lighting needs.

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