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LED Christmas Lights

LED Christmas lights have gained popularity over the years. There are many reasons to purchase them over incandescent lights. For a start, incandescent lights tend to burn out much faster than LEDs. In addition, LEDs are more efficient, using less power to create your light display. Finally, since LEDs do not generate as much heat as incandescent bulbs, the risk of Christmas light fires is greatly diminished.

Power Source

You can find LED Christmas lights that work on different power sources. Of course, there are the typical corded mains LED Christmas lights, which plug into an electrical outlet. Oftentimes, you will need an extension cord in order to reach the nearest outlet. On the other hand, there are solar LED Christmas lights. The solar panel must be placed in an area that receives full sunlight during the day in order to charge the battery pack, but once charged, they can stay lit up to eight hours.

Type of Lights

There are so many options for LED Christmas lights. String lights are the traditional lights you have seen in years past. Another option is rope lights. These are similar to string lights, but the LEDs are encased in a plastic tube so the light is more diffused. Net lights are good for covering an area, such as bushes or trees, with lights. Projectors are a recent addition to the LED Christmas light offering. Projectors shine lights at a surface, such as the front of a house.

Coloured Lights

As with traditional incandescent Christmas lights, you can find coloured LED lights. While red and green may be common colours for Christmastime, yellow, blue and even purple LEDs are available. If you buy string LED lights instead of an LED rope, you may even be able to change out LED bulbs for colours you like.

LED Christmas Ornaments

Have you ever wanted to add a lighted sleigh and reindeer to your garden, but baulked at the cost of keeping it lit? There are many options for Christmas ornaments and decorations that are lit by LED bulbs. You could chose a series of LED-lit candy canes or an LED-lit Santa climbing on your wall. The power efficiency of LEDs will keep your costs down.

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