LED Halogen Replacement

LED Halogen Replacement Light Bulbs

LED Halogen light bulbs are now most commonly used in major cities all over the world. They have replaced the traditional Halogen bulbs now as these are more energy efficient, are much more cost effective over the long run due to their energy consumption, have better and brighter white light and are cold to the touch. The replacement market for LED Halogen light bulbs is large since you can purchase LED Halogen bulbs and mounts for your home once and then purchase LED Halogen Replacement Light Bulbs when needed.

LED Security Flood Light Replacement Halogen Lamp

The high quality LED security flood light halogen lamp is a highly efficient and cost-effective replacement for a standard flood light. This LED halogen lamp is made of superior aluminium alloy, due to which the body is sturdier and is not prone to breakage. It has 50,000 hours service time design and has no harmful radiation such as UV, infrared or mercury. LED halogen replacement lamps are lightweight, portable, easy to install and offer heat diffusion.

LED Corn Bulb Replacement Halogen Lamps

LED corn bulb replacement halogen lamps are easy to install, offer bright light for their size and do not disperse large amounts of heat. They are plug and play version which make them an ideal choice for homes. Installing these instead of traditional bulbs helps save up to 90% of your power consumption and the bulbs do not have UV radiation and are shock proof. The corn bulbs are available in 3W and 6W power and the input voltage is AC DC 12V.