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LED Indoor Home Night Lights

LED indoor home night lights can be used for a variety of purposes, and generally cast a soft, radiant glow, which can afford more visibility at night while not interrupting sleep or rest. Unlike more traditional lights with filaments, LED indoor home night lights are more resilient to soft bumps and touches, making them ideal for homes with pets or children, and also generally last substantially longer than other light types.

LED Indoor Home Night Light Power Source

The power source for an LED indoor home light often determines its placement in a home. For example, battery-powered indoor LED home night lights can be placed well away from an outlet, such as in hallways or restrooms, or in poorly-lit nooks and crannies of a home. They can also be set at variable heights, which can cast their luminance more broadly. By contrast, traditional plug-in LED indoor night lights simply plug into an outlet directly and cast luminance at the level of the outlet. Corded LED indoor night lights provide the benefit of either type, reducing maintenance and never requiring battery changes, but allowing for flexibility in placement or height.

LED Indoor Home Night Light Sensor Types

Many LED home night lights either turn on as soon as they're connected to a power source, or like most traditional home lights, have a simple on or off switch. However, a large number are also manufactured with special activation sensors, which allow sound or movement to activate the night light. This saves energy and ensure the night light is only on and functioning when necessary.

LED Indoor Home Night Light Features

Many LED indoor night lights come with additional features and functions that increase their usefulness or add visual interest, especially for young children. Some feature colour-changing capabilities or light pulsing, which can be more soothing than static white or yellow lights. Others feature perks like rotating heads or wall-mounting options, which allow users to optimise the light's directionality. Still, others are dimmable or feature light level optimisation functions.

LED Indoor Home Night Lights for Smart Homes

Many home night lights are being manufactured that can be connected to smart home systems, such as the IFTT, Google Home, Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit. This means that their activation can be tracked, timed and even scheduled with smart home software.

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