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LED G4 Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are popular for good reason: they are much more energy-efficient than traditional bulbs. G4 light bulbs, also classified as bi-pin, are frequently used in under-cabinet and decorative lighting. One of the benefits of using LED G4 4W light bulbs instead of halogen or fluorescent bulbs is a cooler bulb. So, if you've got cabinets in the kitchen that have under-cabinet lighting, your food items would benefit from a cooler running bulb.

Halogen Replacement

Before LED bulbs became popular, halogen lamps were used in many different applications. Unfortunately, halogen is known for running hot. Once these bulbs burn out, consider replacing your bulbs with LEDs. The 12V LED G4 light bulbs run with little to no heat. In addition, a bulb that is equivalent to halogen in the amount of light may use as little as 5 watts.

Chandelier LEDs

Though many people probably have images of candlelit chandeliers, these days, you can also purchase those that are powered by LED bulbs. G4 light bulbs are common bulbs needed for these light fixtures. Make sure you look for bulbs that are meant to be used in your chandelier. If you replace one bulb with a different wattage than the rest, you may find yourself looking at uneven lighting from your lamp.


Not all LED G4 light bulbs are dimmable. If your chandelier or other light fixture has an LED-compatible dimmer switch, you need to make sure that you are buying dimmable bulbs. Non-dimmable LED lights on a dimmer switch could damage both the bulb and the circuit.

Auto and Caravan Uses

Many cars and caravans use bi-pin bulbs. Oftentimes, they are the G4 bi-pin size. LED G4 bulbs are ideal for lighting spaces that are powered by batteries. The low wattage is less of a drain and can make the difference in your experience.

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