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Portable LED Outdoor Security Floodlights

Good outdoor lighting does more than just let you see where you're going, so you don't trip and drop your drink; it also helps improve security. Burglars don't want you to see them, so throwing a floodlight on their actions is the perfect deterrent. Portable outdoor security floodlights are a cost-effective way to boost your security that also make it easier for you to use and enjoy your property.

LED Advantages

LED bulbs tend to suit outdoor security particularly well. For one thing, they use much less power than incandescent bulbs. They are also solid, which means they're far more robust than either incandescent or fluorescent. Best of all, LED lights have a much more benign failure mode than other lighting systems. Rather than shattering or blowing out, they simply get dimmer. They also have a relatively fast cycle time, so you can turn them on or off without damage.

More Than Just Lights

While LED outdoor spotlights are an important part of your home security system, you need more than just the lights themselves. One factor to consider is that leaving the lights on all the time doesn't necessarily look all that much different than leaving them off all the time. Adding motion sensors enables you to set triggers so that the lights will come on when someone enters your property. It's a very effective deterrent.

Outdoor Security

The best outdoor home security system is a layered home security system. LED outdoor security floodlights are an important part of this system, but they are not enough to do it all. In addition to lights, you want motion sensors and cameras. By tying the cameras into the same sensors as the lights, you can both illuminate and record anyone who comes onto your property.

Portable Floodlights

No matter where you site your lights, you're going to find that they don't always cover the spots you need covered. That's where portable lights come in: They're easy to move to light up the area you need lit, whether that be a car you're working on or a grill.

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