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LED Studio Lights for Camera

If you are looking to upgrade your photography studio lighting or invest in a whole new kit, LEDs are the way to go. Their energy efficiency, longevity and cool operation give them a distinct advantage over conventional lighting options, making them well worth the investment. Whether you want individual ring lights, umbrella lights or an entire lighting set, you can find suitable camera accessories and bundles to suit your studio.

Energy Savings

LED studio lighting uses far less electricity than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, helping to keep your energy bills down. They are also longer-lasting, meaning you won't be replacing bulbs as often and you'll be putting less waste into the environment. LEDs are considered the new environmental alternative for those looking to reduce their footprint while illuminating your studio for hours on end.

LEDs Run Cool

One of the main advantages of using LED studio lights for your camera work is that, unlike conventional lights that give off a lot of heat, LEDs run cool. This makes them far more comfortable to work with in photography studios and allows you to move them around or position them in ways that would otherwise be dangerous. There's also no need to wait ages for them to cool down at the end of your session, allowing you to make better use of your time.

Dimmable LED Ring Lights

If you need a new dimmable ring light, look for LED options that are dimmable from 1 to 100 per cent, giving you perfect daytime lighting that will eliminate unflattering shadows. Some dimmable LED ring lights are compatible with your smartphone or DSLR camera, featuring in-built camera battery chargers and docks. They are light and easy to assemble and disassemble, with a travel bag making for ease of transport between jobs.

LED Studio Sets

Do you want a whole new studio lighting set? Look for continuous lighting kits using LEDs, including a light stand, bulbs and a soft box to remove shadows, soften the light stream and create the perfect shooting conditions. LED studio lighting sets are ideal for photographers, videographers or makeup artists, and are easy to set up no matter where you're working.

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