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Got one to sell?

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The only thing worse than discovering you have accidentally mixed in a pink sock with all your whites is that your washing machine has caused a fire breakout due to excess lint. Not only is it extremely dangerous, but it can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairing your home and replacing your washing machine.

Prevent for the expected with an LG lint filter. Half the task is investing in a new washing machine lint filter; the other half is maintaining it.

Where does all that lint come from?

As your clothes get tumbled in the washing machine, the fibres in your clothing break down and eventually separate from your garments. From there, they make their way to the exhaust vent. When that clogs up and can't take the excess lint, it can cause serious damage. While it is important to clean out the lint vent after every use, it is more important to have the right product to manage the build up in the first place.

How to clean your vent trap

Cleaning your lint trap is very simple, and not at all time-consuming. All you need to do is get a brush, a vacuum cleaner and a garbage bag to remove the lint from the filter. Release the panels and clean out the filter with your brush and vacuum. It's as simple as it sounds! It is important to clean your lint filter out regularly so that your washing machine or dryer can run to its most efficient level.

At best, your clothing comes out of the washing machine or dryer with lint all over it. At worst, you could start a house fire right in your laundry. If it's time for you to replace your lint filter, shop online on eBay for genuine LG lint filters, dryers, and all your laundry accessories at quality prices.

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