Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Watch all your old favourites with an LG VCR

While in recent years the majority of audiovisual entertainment is based on streaming services and DVDs, the VCR can still take pride of place in your household. This is especially the case if you still have bundles of videotapes cluttering your cupboards. Rather than selling or throwing away your old tapes, give them a new lease of life and watch all your old favourites with an LG VCR.

LG, the South Korean electronics company, has a long track record of high quality and innovative electrical gear. This includes standalone VCRs and also VCR combo sets, such as those that allow the use of both DVDs and videotapes. A combo VCR and DVD player or DVD recorder is a popular choice and lets you watch DVDs and VHS tapes from a single set, saving you money and freeing up space in your home.

Typical functions you can expect on an LG VCR are play, pause, rewind, and record. Some VCR models also have programmable recording functions, so you can set your tape to begin recording at an exact time or date.

VHS to DVD Recording

A number of LG VCR models have the ability to become a recorder, and record from VHS tape to DVD or Blu-ray, and vice versa. This is the ideal method to transfer your favourite video recordings to a more accessible format, the DVD. If you have old VHS tapes of family memories, this is a great way to preserve your precious moments. Alternatively, you can transfer the contents of a recorded DVD to VHS tape.

Extras and Accessories

LG VCR boxes often come with a number of accessories and connectivity options, such as a remote control handset, component cables, antenna, HDMI ports, DivX support, and an instruction manual. In addition, you may find that some VCR boxes from LG, Panasonic, and other manufacturers, are refurbished and fully functional.

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