Lace Up Athletic Shoes for Men

Getting sporty in your leisure time

A good pair of sneakers is an essential additional to your wardrobe. With an array of styles and fashions available, choosing which type of shoe you like is the only problem. Comfort is key, but the majority of sneakers are well cushioned and supportive. With such a wide selection available it’s about choice, and which sneaker best suits your needs.

Fashion statement

Since the 1980’s sneakers have been about so much more than athletics. They make a statement; bright colours pop, brand names shout large, sole height and texture also play a role. Low tops, high tops, Velcro ties, or lace up sneakers - from street corners to cross country tracks, the running shoe can take you anywhere.

Foot support

Most of the running shoe market, supplies cushioned running shoes, as they provide protection and shock absorption. By supporting your feet your, sneakers are also complimenting your joints and not putting any stress on your body. That’s what shock absorption is all about. You should be able to twist, jump, and race like an athlete without having to worry. A lot of cushioned running shoes have very little support for issues like exceptionally high or low arches. You need to look for shoes that are specifically made with that in mind. Also, if you need extra ankle support, look for a short boot lace up sneaker.

Lace up sneakers

It’s important to get the right fit with lace up sneakers. The top of the shoe should hug your ankle and feel supportive, not too tight so as there’s no rubbing. The width should fit comfortably and there should be room for socks. Sneakers should feel flexible, comfortable and ideally lightweight, so you’re ready to hit the track or the couch – whichever you fancy. Most of the big brand sporting names design top of the range lace up sneakers, with awesome features like Adidas, Nike, Asics, Puma, Reebok. eBay has an incredible array of men’s lace up sneakers, from high fashion options to hard core training sneakers. With a huge selection of styles, colours, brand names and materials – you’ll be spoiled for choice.