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Ladies Ski Pants

Ladies Ski Pants and Salopettes

Wearing protective leg wear when skiing is very important to shield yourself from the weather elements as well as falls. While stylish, many often overlook the function of ski pants. Ski pants have a surprisingly good amount of technology built into them to provide an extra layer of warmth and protection for any skier. They have come a long way in their design and features and can be found in a variety of colors and designs. At times, ski pants are almost a fashion statement on some mountains. Ski pants come in a variety of lengths to accommodate all heights as well as types of pants to suit any riding style and weather climate.

Type of Ski Pants

There are various different types of ski pants for every type of weather condition you could face. Ski pants known as 3-in-1 pants have a shell with a mid- or base-layer pant combined into one. There is a waterproof shell that can snap together with a moisture wicking or insulating layer. Insulated ski pants are the most popular giving you warmth and protection from the elements. The insulation layer is usually synthetic and measures in grams. The higher the number the warmer the pants will be. An example of these would be the fashionable waterproof denim ski pants that we see many professional skiiers and snowboarders wear when competing. These are a great option because they offer a good amount of warmth and protection from the elements but are also very fashionable, matching almost any jacket and accessories. Shell ski pants provide the most protection as they are windproof, waterproof, very breathable and allow for a good amount of mobility, but they are lightweight and need a heavy base layer worn underneath. Stretch ski pants are gaining in popularity, as they are more form fitting and offer some waterproofing and insulation.

Ladies Ski Gear

Other types of ski gear include ski suits. These are one-piece jumpers that combine both the pants and jacket. They provide warmth and protection, but currently aren’t as popular. There are also ski pants available with built in bibs and suspenders to ensure your pants stay up and don’t creep down while skiing on the mountain. Skiing and snowboarding jackets are the next most common type of ski gear to own and are equally just as important. They provide warmth and protection to the upper half of your body, while also showing off your personality. Jackets come in a variety of styles and layers, as well as colors and designs. Additional ski gear includes helmets, gloves, socks, gators and base layers to name a few. The list is endless when it comes to equipping yourself with the proper gear needed for skiing.

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