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Looking for a fine dining experience?

Cutlery can make a huge difference to the dinner party experience. There is nothing worse than sitting at the dinner table and watching your guests struggle to cut the steak. The Laguiole cutlery set is made from quality stainless steel and brings forward a fine dining experience. Beautifully crafted, the Laguiole cutlery set comes with unique handles. The bumble bee is the signature of Laguiole and is featured on all Laguiole products.

Cutlery set with a history

Laguiole cutlery sets were first designed in the mid 1800s, which explains the classical appearance. Originating from the town of Laguiole in France, the Laguiole cutlery set is hand crafted with a great deal of precision and attention to detail. You can choose from one or multi colour handles. Neatly packed into a wooden box, the Laguiole cutlery set can be a perfect gift. Washing up is also easy as they are dishwasher safe.

How to become a well informed Laguiole connoisseur?

As the name Laguiole is a place, it can be used by anyone manufacturing cutlery. It is not a brand as such but a type of fine craftsmanship design. If you are looking on eBay for a superior range that originates from the town Laguiole, first make some enquiries about the manufacturer. Also take a look at the refund and warranty policies. Genuine Laguiole cutlery will generally have the words 'made in France' engraved into each piece of cutlery or utensil. There will also be a country of origin marked on the box. Take these precautions to avoid any disappointment.

You may also want to explore other Laguiole utensils including Laguiole kitchen knives . Although of French introduction, Laguiole products are now also made in other countries including Hungary, USA, China, Thailand and India. Be mindful that the quality of the Laguiole product will generally be reflected in the price.

Explore the large range of Laguiole cutlery sets and Laguiole utensils on eBay and purchase an exquisite one today!

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