Cruise the streets with Landyachtz

Landyachtz is an American brand that's been satisfying the needs of skateboarders and longboarders since the 1990s. Skateboarding is a fun mode of transport that also offers a thrilling twist. A simple construction of a wood deck, metal trucks, bearings, and four wheels can bring a lot of joy to big and little kids alike. If your kid needs a new hobby, take a look at the Landyachtz Dinghy, Sloth, Fattie Hawgs, Totem, and Taka available on eBay and get them freeriding down the street in no time.

Landyachts longboard

The ideal urban ride is a longboard as it's low to the ground and cruises at a smooth lick. The Landyacht Battle Axe has a bamboo board deck, which has flex and makes it easy for you to carve freely. The trucks are Bear Grizzly 852, which makes this longboard ideal for zipping along the beachfront or weaving through a skate park. It's a super fun ride and easier to get the hang of if you're a beginner.

Landyachtz Dinghy skateboard

The Landyachtz Dinghy is a nifty little skateboard that is awesome to freeride on, any time of year. The wheelbase is 14.6 inches long and the deck is made from 100 percent Canadian Maple wood. A wider platform ensures more scope for grip when being used by beginners. The deck shape and pronounced nose make for a ride with extra carve. The Trout model features embossed fish scales on the underside.

Landyachtz slide gloves

If you've assembled your ideal skateboard or longboard and are about to start your new hobby, don't forget the accessories. The odd fall or accident is inevitable, so protect yourself from cuts and bruises on your hands when you wear slide gloves.

Landyachts slide gloves come in a range of fun and frivolous designs but safety comes first, which is why all gloves are complete with slide pucks and double stitching in specific wear zones. Slide gloves are lightweight and durable and won't not stop you from having the ride of your life.