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The Laneige brand was launched back in 1994, and until 2009 was mostly targeted towards Asian markets. These days, however, Laneige has established itself as a popular skincare and cosmetics choice for women all around the world. The brand has gone through various stages of focus, such as 2010-2013 when they poured time and effort into improving their moisturising products. This "Be Waterful' era led into the more recent phase of "Luminous Beauty', which further focuses on the hydration aspect of skincare.

Whatever your preference for skincare, cosmetics and fragrances, Laneige have offerings to suit all tastes and styles. If you haven't tried Laneige, now is the time!

Luminous beauty

Laneige skincare products are created with hydration as the fundamental key. To obtain luminous beauty, Laneige believes hydration is the key to solving many skin issues. Using moisture to strengthen the skin's natural barrier, this allows your skin to rejuvenate rather than just gaining a temporary shine from a skincare product.

With hydration such a key focus in the development of Laneige products, you can rest assured that your skin's health is a priority. Who says you can't get beautiful glowing skin while using products that repair and hydrate at the same time?


Skincare is at the heart of the Laneige brand, and they've become experts at creating products for all skin types. There's quick use skin creams, milk oil cleansers, refining mists and all sorts of radiating, hydrating skin creams. Whatever part of the body needs care, Laneige has something for you. There's even hydrating lip balms for use during the day, as well as overnight lip treatments to hold moisture in.

What's also great about the Laneige range is the collections. You can buy packs full of Laneige skincare goodies, all in one handy place. Not to mention, these make terrific gifts for loved ones who love to try new types of skincare!

Makeup from Laneige

You're just going to love the immense diversity in Laneige's makeup range. Everything is covered, from glamorous lipsticks and liners to soft, easy-to-apply cushion foundation and concealers. If you're all about dressing your eyes up, you'll find a great range of eyeliner, eye pencils and eye shadow in bright, bold colours and also more subtle looks. Whatever you want your style to be, Laneige can make it happen!

The great thing about Laneige is the variety of application methods. Some people prefer powder foundations or highlights; others would rather use liquid or cream foundation. Whatever your preference, you can find a solution in the Laneige range.

Laneige homme - for men

If you're a guy looking for some genuine everyday skincare options, you have to check out the Laneige Homme range. This is where you will find a selection of different products such as SPF sports moisturiser, active water gel creams and a great set of skin toners. Why should terrific skincare products just be for the ladies?

You'll also get some great cleansers which target oily skin, and some lip balm to keep those lips moisturised. Men's skin needs nourishment and hydration too, so why not try the great range of tailored men's products from the Laneige Homme range today!